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...or how Chesnut Forestry conducts business!!
It is very important---probably most important--- that a forester do what's right for the land and the resource.   
Sometimes this puts a forester at odds with his client.  If a client wants to do something with their land or their
timber that a registered and ethical forester knows may potentially damage the resource in the future, the
forester is duty bound to advise against such practices.  

most clients would not like being told what they want to do with their timber could be a bad idea.  Most of these
clients would eventually realize, with the help of the Forester, that theirs is just a poor choice of management
and that, most likely, equal or better rewards can be achieved in ways more appropriate for the land and

Some Clients, however, do not appreciate the knowledge or experience of the Forester and choose to
continue their own management path.  The Forester must then make a hard decision.  A Client may fire his
Forester (making the decision easy) --- otherwise, the Forester may fire his Client.  An Ethical and Proud
Forester should not "turn the cheek" or " allow things to slide".  He would not want his name associated with
"Bad Forestry".

Clients have had foresters fired for speaking their minds.  This has happened to me.  You just have to shrug  
your shoulders and move on and work for Landowners who appreciate the science and art which is Forestry.

My pledge to the Landowners of Northwest Georgia, Northeast Alabama and wherever I may work is that I
shall always hold the land and the resource in highest regard.  I will work to help the Landowner meet and
exceed his goals and objectives while maintaining or improving the  future potential of the property.

Chesnut Forestry will never waiver on its commitment to "Good Forestry" and will always follow the
Society of
American Foresters Code of Ethics.

--Tim Chesnut
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