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video/photo  inspections
A very good example of Tim's "Before and After" photos can be viewed here
More pictures taken by Tim can be seen here
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Tim takes his camera wherever he goes.  

So, in addition to seeing a property, he can also allow the Landowner to "see" the

This is particularly useful if the landowner is unable to see the property or has not seen
it for a while or if the Landowner lives far from the property, or if Tim finds some
feature of interest or significance on the property.

Such photos can be incorporated into a Property Timberland Report and/or can be
used as a baseline to compare activities performed on the property, becoming part of
a comprehensive Timbered Property Management Plan.

For example, the two movies below compare a Pre-thinned stand to a Post-thinned
stand from the same vantage point:
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