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The decision to
harvest timber should
not be made on a
whim. The
objectives must be
met or surpassed.  Of
course, one main
objective is getting the
best price for the
timber now.  But what
about the future
productivity of the
land?  Will there be
deep ruts  (near left)
or will the logger do a
very good job
protecting the land?
  • Timber Sale Assistance and Planning
  • Selective Harvesting
  • Salvage/Damage Harvests
Selective Harvesting, including pine plantation
thinning, is a type of harvesting where a crop of
desirable trees are left to grow and produce
substantial income into the future.  

Each "leave tree" represents an investment--if
the wrong leave tree is chosen, the investment

will not
produce the desired results.  Therefore,
making sure the right trees are chosen is the
most important decisions a Forester must make
in a thinning.
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Timber Harvesting--
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acres of forested lane typically conduct only one or two timber
sales during their lifetime or during the duration of their
ownership of the land.  

Therefore, it goes without saying that a timber sale is VERY
IMPORTANT, and it behooves a landowner to maximize his or
her profit from such an operation.

But what kind of timber sale?  A clearcut?  A thinning? Lump
sum?  Per-unit?

Will the property be left in a productive state or will it be
butchered and trampled making any future replanting or
natural reforestation difficult or residual tree growth slow?  

Can the landowner get a logger that will appreciate the job,
protect the land and most importantly respect him and his
needs?  How can the landowner be certain that his personal
and tract-specific needs are being met?

Can the landowner be absolutely sure he is getting the most
money for his timber?

CHESNUT FORESTRY can assist landowners with their timber
selling ventures be they a small one-acre lot to large 200+ acre
tract.   Only reputable timber buyers and loggers are permitted
to bid on timbered tracts that Chesnut Forestry works with,
and the six-page timber harvesting contract which is custom
tailored to the tract (not a xeroxed, fill-in-the-blank agreement)
is strong and holds the landowners' and land's interest in
highest regard.  The contract is sent along with the invitation
to bid, and it is understood that if a buyer submits a bid, he is
agreeing to the terms.  So closing the timber sale can often be
quicker and seamless.

CHESNUT FORESTRY takes the guesswork out of a timber
sale.  Tim finds corners, lines, trails, creeks, etc., flags and/or
paints them so the logger can see them well, and prepares the
timber sale so that all any buyer needs to do is show up and
bid (it is recommended they cruise the tract, but a volume table
is included with the sale).

The process is a proven one, and 9 times out of 10, CHESNUT
FORESTRY garners a high bid much higher than any previous
offering--20% higher usually, and occasionally higher still!

Please contact Tim to discuss the Timber Selling Process in
more detail!
"Get what your timber's worth and more!!!"
  • Lump-Sum Sales
  • Per  Unit Sales
  • Customized Timber Contracts
  • Logging Supervision/Inspection
  • Clearcut Harvesting
Sample Per Unit Contract