THE PRIMARY SERVICE every forester worth his or her salt should
provide for timberland owners is the ability to "cruise" or inventory a
timbered tract of land and accurately estimate the volume of standing
timber upon it.

THE TIMBER CRUISE is the single most valuable bit of information a
timberland owner can have for his or her property.  

CHESNUT FORESTRY offers timber cruising or inventorying as a
basic service.  Such a cruise can  determine estimates of timber
quality, quantity, species, potential, and other characteristics.  Such
data can be useful to the landowner or potential landowner for land
and timber acquisition or sale, timber selling, basis determination,
taxation information, future management planning or other objectives
such as assessment of wildlife habitat (mast, crops, snags, wetlands,
dens, nests, thickets, etc.) or potential wildlife habitat, watershed,
recreational opportunities, or other management opportunities that
exist (or could exist) on the property.

A BIT OF WARNING,  HOWEVER:  Tim Chesnut is not a fast timber
cruiser, and has been known to walk slowly in the woods so as not to
miss any critical critter, flora, or scenic opportunities.  Tim normally
carries his digital camera wherever he goes, and in addition to
GPS'ing corners and other features on the property while cruising, he
will take photos to include in any reports.

From a timber cruise, decisions can be made to conduct a timber sale,
or even prescribed burn or paint boundary lines and put up posted
signs in case of trespass or vandalism.  Whatever the reason, a timber
cruise puts professional eyes on the timbered property, and no corner
of the property goes unseen.
Cruising Timber
provides a Landowner
with the knowledge of
what type of timber is
on his property, how
much timber volume
(and therefore value)
is on his property.  
With this knowledge,
the Landowner can
make very informed
timber management
A timber cruise
obviously is
performed to
assess timber
volume and
value...(left) but it
can also provide
other information
such as where that
old fence corner
was (far left), the
location of that
secret fishing hole
(bottom left), a
waterfall that your
Grandfather told you
about, that old well
in the middle of the
woods or the trash
pile that has
appeared on your
  • Timber Cruising
  • Timber Appraisals with Management
  • Estate/Basis Valuation Cruising
  • Theft/Damage Appraisals
  • Acquisition Cruising
Timber Evaluation---
"What do you have and what is it worth"?