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For a complete and proper reforestation process, Chesnut Forestry provides the following services:
  • Accurate GPS mapping of acreages to plant
  • Supervision and evaluation of Chemical Application
  • Coordination and supervision of Planting
  • Detailed Planting reports and summaries
  • Planning of Fire Breaks and Supervision of their
  • Follow-up inspections to determine mortality, and need
    for other treatments
  • Prescribed Burning and Smoke Management Plans
  • Any work necessary for the sign-up for-- and for meeting
    the the requirements of cost share programs.
  • Coordination and Supervision of Prescribed Burning
  • Planning and Supervision of all Mechanical Site-
    Preparation  practices (if needed)
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Site Preparation--what Chesnut
Forestry will do...
Site Preparation
  • Ordering of seedlings
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THE FIRST TWO to five years of a newly regenerated stand is critically important.   It is crucial that a new trees
have room to grow--free from competition from weeds, grasses or other undesirable trees.  

THE FIRST STEP of producing a new timbered stand is the Site Preparation.  Typically, this involves the
application of herbicides aerially by helicopter, but can involve spraying with tractors, skidders or even

Normally, a tract will lay "fallow" for one year, allowing weeds and undesirable species to sprout, so the
herbicide can be most effective.  On many sites, a spray which controls hardwood competition (some herbicide
prescriptions come with two to three-year guarantees) will suffice, so long as a good burn can be performed
afterward to control any pine regeneration.  On other tracts with high residual or natural pine regeneration
present, or on tracts where a burn is not possible, a "hotter" herbicide spray is necessary (and more expensive).

CHESNUT FORESTRY tries to get all tracts to spray and replant set up by the end of July.  That gives us time to
visit the tracts with the herbicide representative, in order to come up with the correct and guaranteed
prescription, create maps, and get the spraying job lined up.

Spraying typically takes place in August through September, and A Chesnut Forestry Representative is with the
spray crew on every tract they spray.

The first step is to get the proper Herbicide Prescription for the tract, and a combination of several different
herbicides may be necessary to achieve desired results.  

The property is usually sprayed with a helicopter.   Smaller Tracts and pastures can be sprayed with tractor,
skidder or a 4-Wheeler.

After the spraying, a
site prep burn can be done. Click HERE to learn more about Burning

Then, the planting can be done!!! Click HERE to learn more about Planting
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