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For a successful replanting,

                1) You must control competitive growth (Site Preparation)
              2) You must have quality trees (Trees and Tree Planting)
              3) The trees must be cared for and planted properly (Trees and Tree Planting)

This trifecta for establishing a new pine or hardwood plantation, forest or timber stand MUST NOT BE

1)  To control the competitive growth, the planting site must be prepared.  This SITE PREPARATION on typical
formerly timbered tracts is usually accomplished by an aerial application of herbicides done by a helicopter.  
Sometimes, 4-wheelers, tractors or skidders can be used to apply herbicides for pasture conversion. Extremely
thick sites can be mechanically prepared usually in addition to the chemical work.  The site may be burned if
doing so will improve the planting conditions.  In the case of longleaf planting and pasture planting, burning is
strongly recommended.   
  Click HERE to learn more about SITE PREPARATION .  

2) Tree quality is vitally important.  Plant trees of inferior quality, then you will have a troubled
plantation from the start.  Chesnut Forestry has always used 2nd Generation genetically improved
loblolly seedlings, montane longleaf, and vigorous hardwood seedlings.  Recently, we have moved to
using more "Elite" pine seedlings.  
Click HERE to see a more detailed discussion of tree seedling

3)  Tree Care and Planting.  There are several uncertainties when planting trees.  One big one is the
exact date the planters will arrive.  The second is the weather.  Will the ground be frozen, will the
winds be hot and dry?  These and other factors make it extremely critical to store the tender seedlings
in a cooler.  
Click HERE to learn more about Tree Care and Planting.  

Chesnut Forestry will not compromise on any of these.  We will use only the best trees.  We will take
good care of them from the time they are shipped from the nursery to the time they are planted in the
ground.  There is a reason that NO Chesnut Forestry Client has been denied cost share due to
substandard trees or planting.  
A.K.A. Tree planting, replanting, plantation
establishment,    regeneration, plantation conversion, etc.
For a complete and proper reforestation process, Chesnut Forestry provides the following services:
  • Accurate GPS mapping of acreages to plant
  • Supervision and evaluation of Chemical Application
  • Coordination and supervision of Planting
  • Detailed Planting reports and summaries
  • Follow-up inspections to determine mortality, and
    need for other treatments
  • Prescribed Burning and Smoke Management Plans
  • Any work necessary for the sign-up for-- and for
    meeting the the requirements of cost share
  • Planning and Supervision of all Mechanical Site-
    Preparation  practices (if needed)
  • Ordering of seedlings
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