This page shows the progression from thick, stagnating unthinned pine plantation to an open, well- managed
stand with its first prescribed burn.

If you have a pine stand that is ready to thin, more stress cannot be given to the proper care and management
of the thinning process.  Marking of trees and access rows can make the difference between a pine stand
that is vigorous, healthy and ready to harvest again in five years or a pine stand that can actually lose
health and vigor because of a bad thinning job.  A poorly thinned pine stand can take years to "catch up" if
the thinning is done improperly.

For very low cost, Chesnut Forestry can do all the marking and marketing of your pine stand,
GUARANTEEING you not only a resulting pine stand that will grow fast and true, but also netting you the
most value for the thinned timber.  
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Pine Plantation, Cherokee County Alabama.
Picture to left and
videos to right show
the thinning process.  
Every fifth row was
removed for access
and all unmarked trees

The top video
shows the cutting
of an access row.

The second video
shows how the
access row makes
harvesting the
remaining trees
much easier.

The last video
shows how the
access row makes
(skidding) the trees
Picture 8:  Shows the plantation after the burn.  Current BA is 70-100 (we left it a little dense on purpose)
and there is roughly 175-225 trees per acre.
Check back for updates on this plantation!!!
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Picture 1:  Plantation was running well over 400 stems per acre and had a BA of 150-200 sq ft per acre.
Pine Plantation Management
(may take a few moments to load)
Picture 2:  Photo taken after plantation was marked for thinning. (spring)
Yellow paint = takeout/access rows,
Orange paint = leave trees (trees to NOT cut).
Picture 6: Shows the plantation three months after thinning.  The most striking difference is the amount of
sunlight hitting the forest floor that removing nearly 1/2 the canopy caused.  (autumn)
Picture 7: Shows the plantation the following early spring as the prescribed burn was approaching.
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