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The planting job is the most important event in a pine plantation's existence.  Success depends on a good
planting job.  

However, it is often necessary to help control herbaceous and/or woody competition during the first one- to
three years of the plantation's life.  Such competition can completely negate the benefits of a good planting
job, choke out the pines and in effect kill the plantation.

In a longleaf stand, prescribed fire can be used with excellent results.  But with young loblolly pine, fire is not
an option, so it becomes necessary to utilize herbicides to control the unwanted vegetation.  

Normally, only one application is needed to control the undesirable vegetation and start "resetting" the stage
of the understory to more desirable (and less competitive) weeds and forbs.  Once the stand gets older,
prescribed fire can be used (but very carefully in loblolly!)  

In yearling plantations and especially in pasture plantings, a four-wheeler can be used to band spray over the
top of the young pines.  In larger and/or older plantations, it is more efficient to use a skidder or tractor
mounted spray rig, or helicopter.

Removing undesirable vegetation not only will help reduce competition against the crop trees, which will
promote growth and vigor, but can also create more wildlife habitat.  Deer and Turkey will feast on the
succulent growth that resprout and even Quail can benefit from more careful and detailed herbicide
applications.  Bird populations will increase as the proportion of insects likewise increase from the multitudes
of wildflowers and small plants that sprout up.
  • Planning and Supervision of
    Herbaceous and Woody Competition
  • Fertilization
  • Grass Stage burns (longleaf)
  • Growth Inspections, Evaluations and
  • Over the top or from below herbicide
  • Pre-Commercial Thinning
  • Growth Inspections and Predictions,
    Evaluations and Reports
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Early-Pine Plantation Rotational
Middle-Pine Plantation
Rotational Management
Pine Plantation
Late-Aged Plantation
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Somewhere in here are rows of loblolly
pine, planted just three months before!

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Managment Page
  • Aerial herbicide Application
  • Wildlife Habitat Management
Nothing growing underneath this pine
stand, and the trees are overcrowded.

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Management Page
  • Wildlife Habitat Management
Which Plantation do YOU want?  Which
one is preferred by deer, turkey and birds?

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Management Page
Life of a Pine Plantation