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Chesnut Forestry
Picture Pages
Everywhere I go, I take my digital camera along.

The camera has gotten dusty, been dropped, stepped on and catapulted,
had paint splattered on it and water splashed onto (and into) it....but it
still works very well, as you can see...

Toting a camera along does tend to make me work more slowly--since I'm
always looking for something interesting to photograph.  

Landowners like the pictures.  For one man, my photo showed him a rock
pile corner and old tree hacks that he and his Grandfather put in many
years ago and which he had not seen in nearly 15 years.  For another
lady, she got to see what her tract was like before it was harvested,
while it was harvested, after the harvest, during the herbicide spray and
site prep burn--and I'll be there to take pictures of the planting too!

Most of the pictures are forestry-related.  However, I may throw in a
picture of my daughters, Abby and Lily.

These pictures are all property of Tim Chesnut and Chesnut Forestry and
should not be reproduced, copied or  downloaded without permission.  If
you want or need such permission, please email me or call me at

Or contact me if you are a landowner and want a "photo" inspection to go
along with a timber inspection or other forestry work.
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