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Silver Hill/River Tract

Starting back in July of 2004, Tim started actively "managing" some property near Gaylesville, AL.  

Below is a video/photographic record.  Check back often for updated pictures.
Place your cursor on the "picture", hold down the
left button and  move the cursor left or right to pan.
March 2006:  Just after burning
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May 2006:  After spring rains
March 2006:  Just prior to burning
(actually, the fire is on its way!)
December, 2004.  After thinning
July, 2004.  Pine plantation 23 years
old, never thinned.
Life of a pine
(actually, several)
Landowner Tract Near Weisner Mtn, Alabama

A thinned stand, Tim understory sprayed it with the 4-wheeler in August/September 2010, then burned it in
Feb, 2011.  It looks fantastic!!!
September, 2010--Just before Understory Herbicide Spraying
February 2011--After Burn
Late October, 2010--Spray results
Spring 2011--Fantastic!