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Herbicide Spraying
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  • Normally, an aerial applied spray treatment by
    helicopter is used to remove unwanted vegetation
    and to assist in the control of further unwanted
    vegetation during the next growing season after
    the new crop of trees has been planted.
  • Application of herbicides can also be done with a
    4-wheeler on smaller tracts where a helicopter
    would be too expensive, or by hand crews, or by
    a skidder or tractor with spray booms.  To insure
    correct herbicide brand and rates, all equipment
    must be calibrated!!!
  • Typically, this is done during late summer or
    very early autumn when the vegetation is still
    green and "breathing".  This also gives the
    vegetation time to brown up which will assist with
    a site prep burn in late autumn, early winter.
  • Several to many types of herbicides may be
    used.  Some are listed here.  But it is important
    to see the site to be sprayed and assess it
    during the summer months to determine the
    most efficacious prescription mixture.  Normally,
    we need to have the prescription and spray plan
    done by July 15th.   Chesnut Forestry can visit
    the site, make some general assessments, map
    the area to spray and handle all the details.
Site Prep Spraying
  • Like with Site Prep Spraying, this can be done
    aerially by helicopter for larger tracts (greater
    than 15 acres or so).  But for smaller tracts, and
    relatively clean tracts, post-planting spray can be
    done by tractor, 4-wheeler, or even backpack.
  • Most of the spraying Chesnut Forestry has done
    has been band spraying and spot spraying over
    and around freshly planted pine trees, in order to
    remove weed and herbaceous competition for the
    critical first few months of the new pines'
    existence.  This requires careful planning,  
    precise chemical mixtures and slow application.
Post-Planting Spraying
  • This type of herbicide application includes
    spraying kudzu, privet, or other unwanted
    "patches" of vegetation, be it as an individual
    operation or part of site prep or post-planting.
  • Large patches can be aerially treated.  But most
    commonly, access and protection of desired
    species makes such application impractical.
"Spot" Spraying
  • Chesnut Forestry has the equipment necessary to
    carry out smaller "patch" jobs, but sometimes, as
    is the case with kudzu, a crew must be contracted.