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Most of the work performed by Chesnut Forestry can be done on a per hour, per acre
or commission basis.

Timber sales, timber marking and other work is normally done on a commission basis.

Please contact us for more information.

Chesnut Forestry charges a low hourly rate for normal contract cruising, GPS'ing and
any other outside work not covered by a commission fee.  Inside mapping, reporting
and other work involving desk work, research work, etc., is charged at an even lower

Tim guarantees his rates are lower than any other consulting forester in the region.

If you would like a quote for a job, or would like more information about our fee
schedule, please  
email us.
Coming or going, Chesnut Forestry
provides the best forestry services at
the LOWEST costs in the region!!!!
Tim uses only the equipment necessary
to do the work required.  He does not
believe in wasting money on flashy
equipment he will use only once or
twice.  Because he does this, he can
keep his costs lower than all other
consultant foresters in the region.
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