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A "Family
We really don't know when it
started officially, but we believe
the family tradition of burning
the Christmas tree may have its
roots in the late 80's.

Legend has it that around
mid-January of one year the
Christmas tree was still up.

So, rather than face the ignominy
of leaving a tree at the curb so
late and becoming the laughing
stock of the neighborhood, the
tree was whisked out into the
back yard and set ablaze without
much fanfare or celebration.

Over the next few years, more
people chose to participate,
mainly to stay warm.  Someone
came up with the brilliant idea to
place fireworks within the tree
and lo and behold, the tree
burning became an event!

Below are some snippets and
pictures from the 2006 tree burn,
performed on Jan 1, 2007...
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