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Chesnut Forestry offers a wide range of services designed to remove unwanted competition
from your young pine plantation.

Doing so allows for the pines to grow with more vigor, as the limited resources of water,
nutrients and growing space are freed up for their use.

Services include (but are not limited to)  
  • Herbicide applications to control weedy and/or hardwood competition, applied by
    backpack, 4-wheeler, tractor or helicopter;

  • Manual removal of undesirable species via mulching heads, mowing, or machete;

  • Assessments of plantations to determine level of competition and to predict the limitations
    to growth;

  • Prescribed burning (longleaf stands).
  • Planning and Supervision of
    Herbaceous and Woody Competition
  • Fertilization
  • Grass Stage burns (longleaf)
  • Over the top or from below herbicide
  • Pre-Commercial Thinning
  • Growth Inspections and Predictions,
    Evaluations and Reports
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Early-Pine Plantation Rotational
Early-Aged Pine
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Somewhere in here are rows of loblolly pine,
planted just three months before!  
Prescription?  Band spray with Arsenal/Oust.
The 4-Wheeler has become an
invaluable tool for the application of
Burning alone will only topkill most
hardwoods.  They will return with a
vengence!  Herbicides are needed.
Young Pine Plantations with high
amounts of weedy and woody
competition will most likely suffer high
mortality early on and low vigor for
many years.
This was a longleaf plantation that
had large amounts of loblolly
regeneration.  Tim performed a hot
burn on the site (did it damage the
longleaf?  Click Here). Many of the
loblolly were killed.  
We went in and chopped down all the
dead loblolly and pruned others
which were vigorous and large.  The
result is a wide open longleaf stand
with scattered, valuable loblolly trees.  
The hope is that this stand will soon
be covered with quail!  The loblolly at
left center was left because it had a
bird's nest inside.