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The American Chestnut
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The American Chestnut Foundation is 25
years old!  In that short time, TACF  has
successfully produced blight-resistant lines of
chestnut trees.  But the fight against the
blight is just beginning!  We need to find more
Georgia chestnuts and we need the people to
help us care for them and propagate them so
we can create our own Georgia Trees!  Join as
a "Green Level" member and get this
wonderful 25th anniversary pin (above) and
join the 200+ other Georgia members in our
goal to bring the King of Trees back to the

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The American Chestnut Foundation is an organization dedicated to the restoration of the Amercian
chestnut tree to its once and lofty perch as the "King of Appalachian Trees"  

Important to man and animal, the chestnut tree, with its fast growth, strong wood, and edible nuts, quite
possibly could be the ultimate tree of tomorrow.

Please visit our
National Site Here, the Georgia Site, or the Alabama Site to learn more about us.  We need
your help
You can see more photos of
Chestnut Trees, pollination
and general work of the
Georgia Chapter of the
American Chestnut
Foundation here on Flickr: